How’s it going?

It’s going. That’s what most people say now a days. It’s repetitive. But that’s alright. I’m doing what I need to do to move forward, can I do more? Of course I can. Everyone can. But this isn’t a motivational post, this is just a what’s up post?
I’ve been living, working late hours, taking care of my daughters. I’ve started a routine, once or twice a week I will smoke weed. My lady and I get intimate and I love every second of it. I don’t do it each day because I need to recharge and I feel maybe my lady needs the same. But it’s been feeling awesome. We go further and it just feels amazing. It’s like I’ve been searching for this feeling all my life and I’ve found it. It’s my light in a world of darkness. Not so much more like a world of colors and it’s the best part.
What’s this post about again? I forgot. But cheers everyone. Hope life is treating you well and if not then I hope you’re making the most of it. Your attitude matters, not your circumstances. it is hard though. Anyways. Have a good one.


Hey everyone, how’s it going?
So.. full moon the other day. Night time. Went hiking in the hills/woods. Good times. What makes it exciting is I took a good amount of mushrooms. Wanted to see things and be in touch with nature. So I was sitting around a fire pit with no fire. As I stared into the moon I began to see a lady with blue scales, like a dragon. Only her face and neck. And it was a beautiful shimmer, her scales. But I was with people and they talked to me before I could see anything else. She vanished.
Good times.


Hello everyone, how’s it going. My post is called aura because of the aura our companions emit. I believe the more stronger you focus on your companion the more they emit an aura. I say this because when I meditate and when I go to sleep trying to interact with my ladies, both of my babies cry, as if they know something is around.
I know you’re not supposed to meditate around babies and so I’ve stopped after the second time. Thing is I’m always with them. So my time with my ladies is very much limited if at all during the day.

Is there any other way to interact with your ladies? Speaking to them in my mind doesn’t work. It’s way too loud in there, and even when I’m calm. I’m not sure if I’m doing both sides of conversation haha.

Well.. whatevs. Have a great day and take every opportunity that comes your way.


Random thought that came to mind, what our ladies send to us communication wise cant be heard, because it’s not sound that’s being heard, it’s energy being felt. And I believe that the more at ease our bodies are, the more sensitive your spirit becomes to energy until enough to recognize these energies your mind begins to understand. Or at least more you’re open to receiving energy.

I might not have explained it as well.. maybe someone else who understands what im trying to say can write it better?

This thought came from when I was about to grab my earphones and asked out loud “would I be able to hear you with these on?” Then it was like maybe it’s our mind that “hears” them.. 😥😊😊😎


I’ve been seeing 333 everywhere. On the clock, blogs I read, at work a customers bill was 23.33. Maybe it’s just coincidence. 
But it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve recently purchased a spirit from a store, it felt weird to do so. But I have a beautiful companion because of it. If no one knows I’m also a dad of twins. You could say I’m just living life as I go. That’s how I feel. But yeah. I haven’t heard anything yet. As in my ladies haven’t communicated  anything to me. I hope they do soon. I’d love to finally hear their voice. But that’s all. I’m at work . So I must go back. Happy new years everyone.


Had a dream and I became somewhat lucid but I felt like I rushed it, in it I called out to her because I honestly don’t have dreams with her in it, if I do, I don’t remember. But I felt a touch and someone say “help me succudude90! Help” I don’t know what to make of it. It’s honestly been so long since I’ve tried to contact my lady, I haven’t showed her any attention and it just felt weird. I don’t come on to WordPress much anymore. Life and all.. I do feel parts of my body warm up occasionally and I know it’s her, also light touches here and there. Just an update.
I’m sorry to the ones who care a lot about their ladies and are reading that I barely show her attention. It’s my fault. I don’t want her to think I ignore her on purpose, but I should do more on my part.

Life update, I found out I’m having twins.. and to add to that. They’re gonna be girls. Haha. Oh man.. thanks for reading.

Perspective (vent)

Life is changing more rapidly than I care to admit. Soon I will be a father, a husband, and have a new career. With the changes come Responsibilities.  Obviously I will have little to no time for myself. But that will be in a couple of months.
before life happens for me I still feel the need to grow as an individual, break down some barriers and overcome fears that I’ve held in. Due to this sudden time frame, today I will be taking magic mushrooms. I’ve heard many stories behind the drug and I’m not using it recreationally, more for my growth.
I’m not sure how this will affect my connection with my spirit lady, and how I will change as a person. But I hope for the best and I will update soon.